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There are a few things that you can do to prepare a document for printing by a commercial printer. Plan your document first.  Write out and sketch a draft of your document.  If you do not know the proper size of stand documents, give a call and ask.  This could save valuable time and money.  Remember that printing machines are mechanical and must use mechanical finger to hold the paper as it pass through the machine, therefore, some of the paper can’t be printed on.  If you want you document to “bleed” (print from edge to edge) in in the Wild Bill’s Hunting Club Brochure shown on this page, it will have to be printed on over sided paper and trimmed on all sides and this adds to the expense of your project. There are thousands upon thousands of fonts and nobody has them all.  If you buy or find “unique” font, be sure your printer has it too, or it may be useless.

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