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Fonts are arguably the biggest problem with file transfers.  Fonts are not automatically loaded and transferred with the file. There are thousands of different fonts available in several formats. Type 1 fonts (postscript) and True Type are the main ones we will deal with.  Type 1 or Postscript fonts are most common of Mac systems and unlike most Service Bureaus who will accept only Type 1 fonts, we don't mind True Type fonts.  True Type fonts are most common on PC systems and many printers and service bureaus will not accept PC files or True Type fonts. We at On Time Printing wishing to serve you better will accept either type font and either platform (operating system) PC or Mac.  When transferring a file from your system to ours, you need a copy of all fonts (include the entire family, bold, italic, condensed, etc.) contained in your file to bring with you for proper output. This is necessary because these files tell the computer how the type is supposed to look and there is one for each variation of a font.  This is also true of graphics. Quark files will not work without all links provided. Most software has a provision in the file menu for printing by a third party. Often you have an option to select "prepare for an outside printer" or something similar. This will in most cases save all fonts and graphics with the file.

If you have any questions please call us 706-324-6862 and we will be happy to talk you through saving your file to bring to us, or E-mail to us.


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