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Have you ever wondered what these little black and white boxes are that are creeping up all over the place?  Well, you’re not alone....

Many people all over the world are seeing these black and white boxes that look (almost) like crossword puzzle squares.  They are called QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes.  The image is full of data, whether it is a website’s URL address, text, or contact information.  If you are one of the 42% of Americans carrying a smart phone these days, chances are that you can read what this QR Code to the right has to say. 

QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, enables print media and mobile web media to work together using a smartphone like Android, Blackberry, or iPhone, with a free QR Reader App.  You can scan the code with your phone and launch your web browser to display the message.

QR Codes are immediate.  You can catch the consumer at the very moment they are looking at your printed media.  Whether the code is placed on a direct mail postcard, a magazine ad, a business card, posters, or billboards, your customers will be able to scan the code and go directly to your content.  It's that easy.

Here's what happens:  If you see a QR Code, you can take your smartphone with an installed QR Reader App and scan the code.  The code can either take you to a website, landing page, a text message, or give you contact information.  You will be able to find anything from videos, coupons, surveys, special deals, and promotions.  The possibilities are endless.

Whether you are a small business, corporate marketer, event planner, non-profit, realtor, or everyone else who wants to increase their market, you can benefit from implementing QR Codes into your marketing campaign.

sample1-2Need some further ideas?

Print a QR Code on your business card.  It will start a conversation and a curiosity about what the code is.  You can set your code with all of your contact information.  Once the consumer scans the code on your card, they will instantly be able to put your contact info into their phone.

For a retailer, you can send out your postcard mailer and include a QR Code containing a URL that will lead to a special promotion or discount off of your product.

Magazine advertising allows readers to go directly from the ad to your website to make a purchase, gather more information, or take advantage of a special offer from you.

With how easily trackable your QR Codes are, you will be able to distinguish how effective your marketing plan is and whether or not the postcard mailer or the magazine ad received a better response.  You will be able to tell what time of day and the geographical location of who hit your code.  If it was scanned, you will be able to find out where, and virtually by whom.

You can get your QR Reader at any of the following websites:

Take advantage of a new expanding technology that is seen everywhere.  Not only is it eye catching, it can lead to increased traffic to your website, which will lead to increased sales.  Don’t be left behind.  Contact On Time Printing today to see how we can implement your QR Codes into your printed orders today.

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Come into On Time Printing and let us assist you in starting your QR Code campaign today!

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